10Eastern was founded in 2003 by Rich Vogel to showcase the works of a tightly knit scene of Grand Rapids Michigan based musicians.  10 Eastern is also a place, the house (pictured top left) where the site started.

In 2004 the Drawrings Boards were started, with the introduction of a java based applet that allows you to draw using your mouse and save the results to a gallery.  A number of people who stumbled upon the site started drawing and interacting and grew quickly, with over 1000 drawn in a few months time, and more than 20,000 drawn to date by people from many different countries. 

The Make Draw Gallery, which showcases 2000+ drawings in printed form and affixed to 5x5 hand painted foam squares had it's first gallery show in 2004 at the Division Avenue Arts Coop in Grand Rapids Michigan, and later the same year at the Detroit Art Space, and many shows since.

In March of 2004 the Found Photos project came together on accident, by using a filesharing program seeking music and finding hundreds of photos in a folder instead. 120 Archives of photos have been created since then, each containing an average of 50+ photos hand selected from an average of 5000+ photos per archive.  All photos displayed were publicly shared.   A few articles have been printed about foundphotos - in 2004 by Pamela O'Connell in the New York Times, an inclusion in a reuters article on filesharing in various newspapers - http://msnbc.msn.com/id/5614116/ - and reviews and articles on many sites online. 

for any contact - yanbuster AT gmail.com