About 10Eastern
10Eastern is a place to draw online, for artists to create artwork and save it to the public boards and their own galleries, and also to view the works of and comment on each others work. 10Eastern is a place to collaborate with people on new or existing drawings. It is also the address of the house the site started inside of in 2003.

Artists are able to arrange their own drawings into different themed folders to view, or to create collections of favorites from other artists on the site. Artists are also able to go back and continue on saved images by using the "re-touch" function, to enable further progress on existing artwork. The main drawing app is an early version of the Oekaki applet created by "Poo" of OekakiBBS many years ago, which is a stripped down and simpler version that is a favorite here. The site also offers a more advanced feature set applet named Shi-Painter (visit the Super Anything Board to see this in action) created by Shi-Chan, which utilizes photoshop style control and advanced tools for shading and blending and creating textures.

The drawings are also displayed in physical form via the Make Draw Gallery, which is a collection of 2000+ of the best drawings taken from the various boards by artists all over the world. The drawings in the Make Draw Gallery are professionally printed and mounted on hand painted 5 x 5 foam squares, which are displayed in large grids (see image at left)

More applications are being developed for the site. Thanks to all the artists here from all over the globe making great stuff daily.

10Eastern's current improved functionality would not be possible without the help of Scott Klaasen's programming skills and layout assistance.