Drawing Tools

  • Oekaki MIDI Color tool by DS (Rar Package) [1,839Kb] - 15 Nov 2009

    This is a quick (and dirty) utility to allow MIDI control change messages to manipulate the color sliders of the Oekaki 1.31 applet. It accomplishes this by reading MIDI messages from the Windows Multimedia Subsystem and translating them into the appropriate mouse movements.

  • DrawringApp (Zip Package) [2,782Kb] - 12 April 2009

    The DrawringApp is a command line tool that allows you to 'tattoo' images from your computer into the Drawring webpage at Features randomized pixel placement, jigfactoring, random color placement, crossfading, browser auto-detection and more. Includes documentation and source code.

    Note: Windows install, only with Oekaki BBS version 1.31 applet.

  • JTablet - Tool to enable pressure sensitivity in Oekaki-Shi Painter (does not work on Oekaki 1.31) for use with drawing tablets like Wacom. In Oekaki-Shi, the pressure sensitivity buttons can be accessed via the "P" button in the top right corner of the drawing window.


  • Slide Hack Tutorial

    Anyone interested in creating a slide hack tutorial(s)? I know only one method, many of y'all have far superior slide hacking skills. If interested just make a text file with directions, and possibly a few images for pointers and I'll upload it to a page!

  • Shi-Painter Animation

    Might have to find Sheep to do this tutorial. If anyone is interested in helping with a tutorial on using the Shi-Painter as an animation tool, please contact!

  • Oekaki 1.31 Masking Tips

    Many of you have crazy good masking skills, a short tutorial on this would definitely help others to understand and be able to utilize masking with cool results.

  • Your ideas here

    Have an idea for a tutorial? Email me and let's get something up here to share.