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Nother Way To Draw Here
Another way to draw on 10eastern is to use Chrome browser and the Cheerpj Applet Runner Extension. Do a search for Cheerpj Chrome Applet Runner and click on the page and click 'Add to Chrome'. Once it gets added to your Chrome, navigate to and log in. Click on the Cheerpj add-on icon in your Chrome Toolbar up near the top right, then click on 'Run Applets' to allow applets to run on You should be able to go to the 'Draw' link on the Anything board and start drawring! If you run into any issues comment on a drawring and we'll check it!
Can't Drawr in your Browser? Look here!
DS found a solution for being able to draw and continue using our beloved ancient Oekaki 1.31 applet in Java with modern browsers! A walkthrough is at the following link: Many thanks to DS!
New server!
10Eastern has moved to a new faster server! I had been working for quite some time on optimizing the database, and worked with the webhost the site is on to migrate it to a new faster one. This wasn't supposed to bring the site down for any period of time, however it looks like it did for a short while last night. Apologies to anyone drawring that might have lost anything (hopefully no-one did) but hurray for new faster page loading!
Can't draw or Java Application Blocked? Try this:
Java is being an a**hole lately, here are steps to fix any popups stating "Application blocked by security settings" or other nonsense.

You will need to configure Java on your computer locally. On Windows just type Java into the search bar on the start menu, and launch the 'configure Java' icon. From there go to the "Security" tab on the top, and do one of these two things: the easiest is to change the java security settings to 'Medium'. If you want to keep your security settings at 'High', then you can add to the Exceptions list on the Security page. Look for the button that says 'Edit Site List', and add to the list, and click ok.

For those of you using a Mac, to launch the Java Control Panel on Mac OS X (10.7.3 and above): Click on Apple icon on upper left of screen. Go to System Preferences, then click on the Java icon to access the Java Control Panel. From there you should be able to change your security settings in the same way.

Also be sure you have the latest Java installed on your system -

New Animation Feature at 10 Eastern!
For your drawring (animating) pleasure, there is now a 'Build Animation' option. This will enable you to assemble your multiple revisions into a single animated file to playback, with several controls over how the file plays back! Controls are:

- Adjustable Overall Frame Rate
- Individual Frame Duration
- Loop Playback
- Forward / Reverse and Loop
- Drag and Drop Order of Frames

Try it out!

10Eastern MIDI Tool App by ds
New addition to the Tools section, a MIDI controlled oekaki app created by ds! (From the instructions:) This is a quick (and dirty) utility to allow MIDI control change messages to manipulate the color sliders of the Oekaki 1.31 applet. It accomplishes this by reading MIDI messages from the Windows Multimedia Subsystem and translating them into the appropriate mouse movements.
Site Updates
A few changes to the site: added a search bar to the board view to enable comment searching. Also added an advanced search to search by drawing number or title. There is also a search bar for the memberlist, and improved navigation there. The registration page improved with a re-captcha verification to tell the majority of spammers to fuck off. More coming!
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Flex yr mouse or tablet skills here.
Super Anything Board
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An advanced applet and flexible canvas size options.
DrawringApp / Scripting Board
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Get your scripting fix here!
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