Make Draw Gallery
The Make Draw Gallery is a showcase of 2000+ drawings chosen from the 25,000+ drawn on the site by artists from around the globe.

The images are professionally printed on cardstock and mounted on hand cut and painted 5" x 5" foam squares, which are then arranged and displayed in various grids.

The Make Draw Gallery had it's first show at the Division Avenue Arts Cooperative (The DAAC) in June of 2004, which featured around 330 drawings (see images at right). A computer was set up at the gallery for people to try out the site and draw something on the spot, which a handful of people did and a few of those made it into the next show. The drawings were then taken to the Detroit Art Space a few months afterwards in September of 2004, which featured some new images printed in the time between shows and totalled around 500 or so on display.

The next Make Draw happened less than a year later at the Division Avenue Arts Cooperative in June of 2005, which was the largest of all with over 2000 images on display. This show took more than a month to prepare, and would not have been possible without days of help from friends and people at The DAAC, and most notably Jeff Vandenberg who runs the gallery and venue (and artist on the site JVB), and Andy Branch (drawrer name andyb). The gallery was up for around a month at the DAAC, which is also a venue that brought through some great bands and different crowds to see the drawrings as well. Link to Grand Rapids Magazine article.

The Make Draw Gallery returned to Detroit the next year in August of 2006 at the Motor City Brewing Works. This show had a completely new batch of images from the last and was much lighter than the previous one with around 700 on display, mostly due to space limitations. The event and 10eastern as a whole had a nice writeup in the Metro Times that month by Ben Hernandez (founder of the Detroit Art Space) which brought a good number of people out for the night. An online version of the article can be found here -- Metro Times Article