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- by bumcum - 1/1/2006 - 7:14:23 pm
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bumcum1/1/2006 7:15:20 pm
i half ass my drawings after i screw up. i met yanbu too at a party with to many hipsters!
yanbu1/2/2006 6:43:35 pm
yes yes, small world
bumcum1/2/2006 7:05:53 pm
hey yanbu my brother said that you are into playing music, im curious what you play and if you got any recordings
teamlame1/3/2006 7:59:54 pm
i heard yanbu can play anything from rotary dial tires to to telecommucation rings, and everything in between! c cattime and luv lsdudes r u still out there yanbu i've been a bit reclusive lately
yanbu1/4/2006 9:52:13 pm
teamlame! shanetime i mean, hey it's nice to see your post - are you still at skateshop? i heard you disappeared to various parts of the US for some time, i couldn't confirm this so you should tell me
yanbu1/4/2006 9:55:32 pm
oh and i forgot - yes i have made and still make things with sound, you should write me bumcum and i'll email some things. or go to the daac the 28th, night toucher will be there
bumcum1/11/2006 11:54:41 pm
you write me im retarted i cant do !!
yanbu5/13/2019 7:56:08 pm
hey bumcum! I was a space cadet in 2006 apparently! it was cool meeting you at that party, I remember. I play a bunch of instruments, there are some recordings out there - hit me up message style and I'll send you a list yanbuster@gmail.com. I love you too bumcum!