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- by eno - 1/22/2004 - 4:54:58 pm
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what is this place that changes so?
eno diamond1/22/2004 5:50:17 pm
see, that white box in the upper right corner is our freezer. Thats where i keep my chili and the marinara. Will somebody make sure the marinara don't get burned. Tell John the whole barn went up like a powderkeg---PHoom! I hope the cats are ok. I cant believe this is happening. I'm gonna go hang out in the forest with a razor blade and wait for some niggers to shine a flashlight at me.
local barn dweller1/22/2004 6:01:11 pm
Do you mean those new kind of niggers that live in the suburbs? Or the old kind that used to get hosed by good ol' whitey?

(Notice the dead cat amid the smoke and flames! It's absolutely tragic...rumor in Clear Lake is that John Kerwin tried to battle the snarling blaze but the pressure washer didn't work because his water lines had frozen paralyzine the sterile Kerwin amid the nasty flames! Life is absolutely unfair...but an even better ending is that i attended the funeral for Johnny and beguiled his black haired niece into a romantic escapade in upstate poughkepsie! Her vagina tasted like the fine pasties of the U.P.!!! Oh boy I just can't wait to get me some cheese fudge!)