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idontwanttoworkwithretards8/16/2006 1:14:30 pm
good night.
yanbu8/16/2006 1:20:31 pm

hey all, there is an article in the detroit metro times about 10eastern and our drawrings

tthunderdan8/16/2006 1:27:39 pm
...I was all excited I made the home page but after I seen my drawring on the newspaper there I 'bout shit myself...YIPPIE!!!...DAMMIT I AM SOMEBODY!! HA!...
yanbu8/16/2006 1:36:23 pm
ha!- yeah i gave them a pool of drawrings from everyone and they only chose a handful, and i think that only two of them are printed in actual the newsprint version. it's a pretty cool article i think, thanks to ben hernandez
loopdogg8/16/2006 1:48:59 pm
Fookin' A!!! Fookin' B! as well!!!
\<8/16/2006 2:00:02 pm
cool! but half a mil pagehits on the drawrings boards alone!?!?? wouldnt that be 10eastern overall?
kix8/16/2006 2:08:47 pm
word tthunderdan. thx yanbu
trin8/16/2006 2:28:09 pm
mrae8/16/2006 3:08:15 pm
yanbu8/16/2006 3:30:00 pm
you're right < it's around 500,000 on the whole site, not the drawrings boards alone. i'm really happy to see some attention on what we're doing here
Al8/16/2006 5:12:47 pm
100 of the hits are from me alone.
ad8/16/2006 5:28:22 pm
super killer! i've been on an extended road trip for the last 16 days and i haven't been able to computer draw. right now i'm in a motel in vallejo but i'm moving into my new san francisco pad saturday and i'll be able to drawr again/spread the word on 10e to a whole new time zone! kudos rich!
lm8/17/2006 4:41:58 am
haha nice! we are stars
kix8/17/2006 12:16:11 pm
i love what he wrote about lm's little birdfamily
naranjon8/17/2006 1:38:44 pm
it was good to find out we're "competing" against each other too...
yanbu8/17/2006 6:31:39 pm
yah for the record i was asked if there is competetion on the board to which i replied no, not sure why that would have been a point to write