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- by emma - 12/22/2006 - 1:55:38 pm
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Emma12/22/2006 1:55:54 pm
some one let the snow in
The angry flagman12/23/2006 4:31:51 am
As long as its in your house I wont have to plow it out of the road.
Emma12/23/2006 4:38:23 am
well it looks like its not gonna be a white christmas here in england...again!
but there alot of fog around here! ?_?
The angry flagman12/23/2006 6:48:44 am
Do you usually get much snow over there?
Emma12/23/2006 7:03:59 am
last year we got loads, this year we're had none!
The angry flagman12/23/2006 7:19:06 am
The only reason were not getting any snow is I put my motrcycle away for the winter. If I left it out we would all have at least 5 feet of it.
Emma12/23/2006 8:18:29 am
i dunno why we havent got any yet, but people say its cos of global warming! yeah right!
The angry flagman12/23/2006 9:34:45 am
Ill take the warmer weather, Saves me on heating oil.