Untitled - by lm
- by lm - 10/1/2007 - 5:33:36 pm
v1- by lm - 10/1/2007 5:33:36 pm
lm10/1/2007 5:34:01 pm
Gerold Blankface10/2/2007 1:52:53 pm
nice poop-mustacheian-like slickness here..
your stuff looks very 3d and heavy
lm10/2/2007 3:08:56 pm
thanks man! i think i'm going to do this in 3D, as soon as i gain 3D powers.
yes, very poopmustachian.10/3/2007 4:59:26 pm
mrae10/3/2007 11:41:30 pm
tell me your name, "stranger"10/4/2007 3:35:46 am
yanbu10/4/2007 4:03:45 am
i will donate to the 3d super power fund. also i don't see the mustacian in this!?!?