Untitled - by purplemartin
- by purplemartin - 10/5/2007 - 6:06:57 pm
v1- by purplemartin - 10/5/2007 6:06:57 pm
purplemartin10/5/2007 6:07:35 pm
heh heh heh
mf10/6/2007 8:11:22 am
i wanna be stuffin martha's muffin!
purplemartin10/7/2007 5:40:33 am
ew! Martha S? Yikes.
mf10/7/2007 7:28:14 am
is a mojo nixon song
purplemartin10/7/2007 11:09:38 am
Oh...I know Mojo, maybe we have that one. The only one we tend to hear is girlfriend in a coma and elvis.
mf10/7/2007 6:38:34 pm
that song is so friggin brilliant. "evlislution"!!!
mf10/7/2007 6:40:00 pm
ps: it's about Martha Quinn.
martha was cute10/8/2007 4:25:55 am
and mojo isn't picky