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yanbu10/15/2007 6:04:32 pm
one last call for email addresses before the site switches to the new version : i have email's for the following:

fatribz, bupobm, lm, seeka, loopdogg, eno, lil fuk, esp, hale, ad, angry flagman, trin, unicornonthecob, ethermonkey, poopmustache, sheep, tim, tthunderdan, cows2flames, rene gonzalez, alex temple, ahunt, borny, vanlodz, mrae, naranjon, al, mf, ultra

i need the following : gerold blankface, deerfactory, en-Titty, bb, tdwtwwr, dave b, veronica, themy icejewels

and i know i am forgetting some, my apologies - if you are on the need an email list or not on either please email me at yanbuster@gmail.com with your drawrer name and email you will be using to log in. hopefully by the end of this week it will be changed over, lots and lots of new functionality
fatribz10/15/2007 6:09:33 pm
eN-Titty10/15/2007 7:48:19 pm
sent it..sorry, been working ALOT lately
deerfactory10/16/2007 4:39:18 am
trin = deerfactory ;)
yanbu10/16/2007 4:46:43 am
that's funny i separated your names into two separate email lists ooooops hi