Untitled - by Lil Fuk
- by Lil Fuk - 2/8/2004 - 7:02:21 pm
v1- by Lil Fuk - 2/8/2004 7:02:21 pm
lil' fuk2/8/2004 7:06:16 pm
Stoic - One who is seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, or pain.
sally heagen2/8/2004 7:29:22 pm
did you go to art school?
lil' fuk2/8/2004 7:53:11 pm
no ma'am. I started drawing in elementary school... just started doing it. drawing seemed to make up for my lack of social skills when getting along with the other kids. now I'm all growed up and it's not much different, actually.
unknown2/11/2004 7:00:36 pm
I'm touched to see my art (see 145) has inspired others. My work here is done. Save the uniporns!
lil' fuk2/11/2004 7:31:02 pm
unknown2/12/2004 4:01:27 pm
I apologize if I offended you. I never saw the shirts before and did not intend to take any credit for this work. The shirts are awesome by the way. I will destroy myself now.
lil' fuk2/12/2004 5:57:32 pm
I wasn't offended. It's such an obvious idea, I knew sooner or later somebody else would think of it too.