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- by sheep - 9/22/2004 - 6:01:52 pm
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sheep9/22/2004 6:24:53 pm
As you retreat, you hear the madman trip over your items, giving you the time needed to safely find the pipes edge. Once you are at the edge, you reach up grabbing the large brown pipe and shimmy half way across the junction. Behind you, the pipe echos with the madmans struggle to regain his senses, then the footsteps start. As he nears the edge you can hear his heavy breathing amplified by the hollow pipe. You hope he does'nt know about the overhead pipe since it's your only hope at this point. He sounds as if he's right on top of you when there's a frightened scream.....then a splash! The madman has fallen 9 feet into the water below. He cries for help.....then the sound of splashing.....another cry.....splashing.....cry.....then silence. There is no need to worry about that madman again. Good job! What is your next move.
twitchphysto9/23/2004 3:01:41 am
Well first we should go get our items back right? I hope he didn't break anything important. Hey and look around here to see if the madman dropped anything before he fell over. Slim chance but luck seems to be with us!