Fight Club. - by TehNewbstress
Fight Club.
- by TehNewbstress - 4/7/2008 - 10:49:23 pm Time: 2hrs 45 mins 42 secs
v1 - by TehNewbstress - 4/7/2008 10:49:23 pm
Time: 12 secs
TehNewbstress4/7/2008 10:50:24 pm
Not finishedddd
seeka4/7/2008 11:49:38 pm
Leave it like that. Men ususaly don't need the thingy above the neck. :P
mrae4/8/2008 8:07:46 am
Nice draw! and i agree w/seeka on this one :)
TehNewbstress4/8/2008 9:07:58 am
Haha, thanks for the feedback, but it's Brad Pitt! He has a handsome face!
v2 - by TehNewbstress - 4/8/2008 11:54:13 am
Time: 2hrs 45 mins 30 secs
fatribz4/8/2008 6:10:47 pm
well done
TehNewbstress4/8/2008 7:35:47 pm
I'd like to start finishing this, but it says that someone else is drawing, :S
yanbu4/8/2008 8:33:05 pm
hi newbstress - this is super great! nice work

is the drawing still locked? does it say who is working on it? i just unlocked it, but it shows locked again -
TehNewbstress4/8/2008 9:45:56 pm
It's fine now, thanks so much!
allman vibe4/9/2008 10:39:41 pm
TehNewbstress4/11/2008 9:34:42 am
Hmm, I dont think I will finish this...
deerfactory4/11/2008 7:25:31 pm
....but I wanna see his face!