album - by fatribz
- by fatribz - 7/27/2009 - 6:18:41 pm Time: 39 mins 20 secs
v1- by fatribz - 7/27/2009 6:18:41 pm
Time: 39 mins 20 secs
idwtwwr7/27/2009 10:25:53 pm
thats seriously great. all my props! :)
fatribz7/28/2009 5:01:13 pm
thank again, man!
. .
yanbu,is sort by latest revision gone?
yanbu7/28/2009 6:12:01 pm
ahshit, yes, and i will fix!
mf7/28/2009 7:48:00 pm
damn, now these are some glittery trax!
yanbu7/30/2009 9:26:50 pm
sort by version will return tomorrow, sorry for delay
yanbu7/31/2009 9:26:23 am
okay sort by revision is back, and really nice sounds you've made, in my mp3 player right now i hope it's ok
fatribz8/3/2009 5:52:15 am
don't copy that floppy! ::)
mf, glittery is a goal o' mine, a great compliment -thank ye