Gensus - by fatribz
- by fatribz - 5/5/2010 - 4:39:08 pm Time: 14 mins 51 secs
v1- by fatribz - 5/5/2010 4:39:08 pm
Time: 14 mins 51 secs
allman vibe5/5/2010 4:42:43 pm
Gensus was the best. i think thats where they said the angels are very tall and have heads made of fire and are generally very scary looking? metal

mrae5/7/2010 2:01:32 am
love dis!
fatribz5/7/2010 4:37:47 am
that repeatx has some lovely patterns.its pretty site! cheers you folks
seeka5/7/2010 8:31:06 am
Wow I have never seen a gangste preacher...now I know...great
seeka5/13/2010 2:27:58 am
Wow...i guess I need such a hammer ...just in case this peacefull yogishit I do sucks one day :-0
fatribz5/14/2010 4:56:36 am
There's gotta be like six layers of cardboard there..

I just smashed 3 or 4 into nothingness.

Oh and I went through that chain mail too.