Meeeee an' da missuz ♥ - by Shunt
Meeeee an' da missuz ♥
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tthunderdan9/2/2016 1:27:06 am
my ol lady (since summer of 1976) says she may move into her mothers. Which is needed because her Mom recently had a nasty stroke and while improving, she needs alot of help. I dunno...just make it last as long as you can (if it's good)...some things don't last forever...and some ain't so good...
Shunt9/2/2016 10:15:22 pm
My miss is suffering from Lyme, ME, chronical exhaustion disorder, borrelia bacteria and such. Since 5 years she hasn't been able to work. She can't do the household properly (which shows) and it's totally frustrating.
Meanwhile at my job things started to happen: false accusations and more of that caused by brown-nosing boss lovers, which lead to lots of stress, depressions and a burn-out.

Instead of taking the easy way like most couples do, we decided to fight for the best we can get.
It has made our relationship very solid.

I left that shit job instead of the woman I ♥

I wish you lots of courage Dan
tthunderdan9/5/2016 1:43:46 am
all will be fine...she will be where her greatest need is, and that's alrite...
gerold blankface9/8/2016 7:24:30 am
Sorry to both of ya. Life is an ever-unexpected rough ride. Once you;re on your feet, you relaize you left your shoes at home.
Seriously though, there has been some real research into the vegan diet's affect on things like lyme's. the biggest factor being removing all dairy from the diet. sorry if this is overstepping.