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ds4/17/2018 9:01:53 pm
OK, so that was a really amazing tip from Flagman!

If you have Chrome (or Chrome based, I tested in Vivaldi), you can install an extension from the Chrome Web Store thing called 'CheerpJ Applet Runner' That's it! No Java needed! It'll add a little icon where you have to allow running applets, mine looks like this http://10eastern.com/misc/cheerpj.png

Other than that it just works! Its a little slower to load, but seems to run well enough. Saving works.
ds4/17/2018 9:03:59 pm
For me, it left the drawing open after saving. I don't know if that's great, so everyone should probably close it after saving.
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ds4/17/2018 9:06:33 pm
Retouch works!
ds4/17/2018 9:21:24 pm
Yanbu, this sort of addresses some of the things we'd been talking about. I'm really impressed!
Shunt4/18/2018 9:52:07 am
Waterfox asks to update java. Should I or is this a "nonono!!!" ????
Shunt4/18/2018 12:26:27 pm
CheerPJ does work in Chrome, but saving leaves the applet frozen. Draw gets saved though but the page doesn't refresh
ds4/18/2018 1:37:13 pm
Yeah, that's the behavior I was seeing as well. I didn't notice the applet was frozen though. That's sorta better. I was worried about the same draw being saved twice...I'm not sure if the 10e's code would like that. Otherwise, it's not harmful, just gotta manually close after saving.

As far as updating Java: I think it's safe so long as you stay with version 8. They just pushed out version 8 u171, which should be OK. But, at the same time, if you're only using Java for 10e, and disallow it everywhere else, it's kinda fine to not update it too.