Your job today: - by Shunt
Your job today:
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Shunt5/2/2018 10:32:47 am
Go to the funfair with four boys and two other mentors.
Have a ride in the bumper cars with S.
Enjoy it. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life.

Man my life is goooooood :)
The Angry Flagman5/5/2018 5:07:47 am
Start the day with bacon.....end with bumper cars
and fair food....with bacon = living.
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fatribz5/14/2018 9:14:21 pm
it's kinda amazing how easy bacon makes life go by. i know it too, amigo
Shunt5/15/2018 2:11:25 pm
Quitting my previous job and taking a course to become a pedagogue, and experience the practical side working with people, adults and kids with a mental retardation/autism/Down syndrome - it's the best decision I ever made. Seeing those people happy makes me happy too
The Angry Flagman5/18/2018 4:54:27 pm
When I was a wee one, My mother worked for a group called the Pace program. She worked with developmentally disabled. She was the transport staff and I would often ride along on her bus run. I live probably 500 yards from the old Wilton Developmental Center. It was a long term car facility for those that couldn't get home care or for the dangerous difficult cases. It is a weird building with tinted bubble windows. I'll try to draw it some time. A web search only links to the old W.D.C. cemetery.
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