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Time: 33 mins 6 secs
Shunt1/15/2019 7:30:26 am
Oh cool!
The Angry Flagman1/15/2019 5:58:23 pm
I had to clear out the back room at City Hall last month. The police threw out a bunch of old evidence boxes. I found a case that had set of 5 guitar peddles of different sorts. I got to grab them before they went in the trash. Gotta be worth something.
The Angry Flagman1/18/2019 2:41:58 pm
Now THAT is a foot peddle. Ill have to take a shot of those one I found.
gerold blankface1/23/2019 1:29:22 pm
I have a "chirus" peddle that looks just like this one! (same color too)