If looks could kill... - by Shunt
If looks could kill...
- by Shunt - 8/16/2019 - 4:38:26 am Time: 13 mins 24 secs
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Shunt8/16/2019 4:38:52 am
Why do some people decide to be fcking
The Angry Flagman8/16/2019 2:52:45 pm
I swear that a couple of guys I work with wake up and ask " How can I be any more of a vagina today?"
Shunt8/17/2019 3:17:42 am
I don't get that. If one wonders how to handle certain situations, why don't they choose to be helpful?

I lost my temporary job last friday. I needed to work just a few more days (three months without pausing in total) to higher my unemployments benefit which I need to finish the full time course I am still in. Now I'm back at zero and there's no time to get a decent income because the course starts again 1st of september. They were unhappy that I haven't told them I would only be there for a few weeks. I DID tell them. Liars. Ever wondered how working people end up in poverty? I know how dammit
The Angry Flagman8/17/2019 6:55:47 am
I got lucky with my job. I have a union that keeps "SOME' of the assholery in check. The union is a double edged sword though. It seems to protect the Phuck-offs from getting sacked so you can't get rid of dead weight. It take an act of congress to fire anyone. Someone pisses you off...file a grievance, Someone with less seniority gets a better job or better equipment, file a grievance. Get written up...wait three years and remove it from your file. I know everyone hates on unions but they can be helpful if the right people are running it.
The Angry Flagman8/17/2019 6:59:14 am
What course were you taking?
Shunt8/17/2019 9:08:37 am
Eucator / Pedagogue / Caretaker, in my case for children of age up to 12 or mentally comparable. Due to a congenital desease I chose to not have children of my own but I always wanted to have about 4 or so.
I started this course to fill in the emptiness and because a factory job bores me out.

I had to take several exams and tests and a pre-course before I could even start.
It's taken 4 years already now and I am almost there. My income got "frozen" for three years and I could live well off that but after these three years it went to the lowest level, which is less than half an average monthly salary.

To level it up I had to work 3 months without a break and I was almost there.
I'm taking the rest of the course anyway. I'll see how I manage to pay the bills. Gonna be hard times the next 5 months but I want that diploma and that job!!
Shunt8/28/2019 1:54:19 pm
Yesterday I was told I can work a few days a week, apart from the internship, as long as it doesn't exceed 38 hours in total. Internship is 22 hours a week tops, which gives the opportunity to work somewhere two days. As long as I can manage that, I will do it. This will generate an extra income!