quickie - by TehNewbstress
- by TehNewbstress - 8/28/2019 - 3:24:30 am Time: 10 mins 43 secs
v1- by TehNewbstress - 8/28/2019 3:24:30 am
Time: 10 mins 43 secs
TehNewbstress8/28/2019 3:27:46 am
quick touchpad sketch, been trying my
hand at selling my art on the street
lately, travelling the country and
setting up in every town I cross, it'd
be cool to maybe swap some art with you
guys if I end up in any of your neck of
the woods. headed up the west coast then
across to the east coast currently, let
me know where yall at so i can keep an
EYE out :D
Shunt8/28/2019 8:38:31 am
yanbu8/31/2019 7:58:51 am
hey newbs! do you have any contact info to share?
TehNewbstress8/31/2019 7:53:25 pm
hey yanbu, my current email is dominique.willott@gmail.com