Untitled - by mf
- by mf - 3/29/2020 - 8:36:03 pm Time: 48 mins 19 secs
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v1 - by mf - 3/29/2020 8:36:03 pm
Time: 45 mins 38 secs
mf3/29/2020 8:37:44 pm
sure is nice coming back and still
seeing some old friends. should be
finding a lot more time to hang out here
more... stay safe all and hellos
v2 - by mf - 3/29/2020 8:40:55 pm
Time: 2 mins 41 secs
mf3/29/2020 8:45:00 pm
also, relearning this whole thang. so don't mind me pokin round the bits.
Shunt4/2/2020 2:44:30 am
Great to see you back!
yanbu4/2/2020 6:22:46 am
mf! it is sooooooooo good to see you! :)
fatribz4/2/2020 6:36:05 am
hello mf. was thinking about your draw that inspired making da game while back. good to see you draw.
i am on furlough and will be drawing again. i think i'll make a fat ribz music album to go with it.

anyone want to collaborate on lil audio bits? nothing too ambitious. i could probably do better to supply noises or lil bits of midi melodies because i suck at putting songs together that flow properly
yanbu4/3/2020 8:09:47 am
that sounds like an awesome idea ribz! yanbuster@gmail is me :)
Shunt4/4/2020 2:21:06 am
I've been uploading shizzle to Looperman for quite some time now!

Here's my collection. Go wild!

Shunt4/4/2020 2:22:07 am
fatribz4/4/2020 9:39:32 pm
thank you shunt wanna react to some midi notes too?
emailed you, yanbu, a lil midi and instrumented wav
Shunt4/5/2020 2:46:08 am
Where did you send it to? My hotmail only informed me about a message through soundcloud
TehNewbstress4/5/2020 5:58:38 pm
love this and wb!
gerold blankface4/6/2020 3:41:28 pm
mf! super creepy draw!