westward - by fatribz
- by fatribz - 5/7/2020 - 4:34:32 pm Time: 14 mins 22 secs
collaborative drawing open to everybody
v1- by fatribz - 5/7/2020 4:34:32 pm
Time: 14 mins 22 secs
fatribz5/7/2020 4:34:44 pm
You and your traveling companions
have randomly teleported somewhere
in the land of Oro Forte and now
find yourselves at the base of a
valley, with large, steep, snow-
covered hillsides to the North and
South. You'll never see anything
of this kind, you know, except on
the muddy banks of Wishkah.

It was dusk when you arrived and so
you've set up camp and made a fire
for warmth. The morning sun has
risen in the east and you can make
out hillsides of grassland between
the sun and yourselves. There is a
frozen river 30 yards from your
camp, which you pierced last night
to get some water. The water is
still boiling in the pot hung over
the fire pit from last night, odd.
There is a slight but constant
breeze blowing through the valley
and visibility is unhindered, you
can see for miles. What you cannot
see, however, are any signs of life
besides the grass in the distance.
Looking to the west, the valley
bends to the north a couple miles
off and gradually slopes down like
a ginormous water slide. The
valley base and hills do not seem
to have any remarkable features
besides the small patches of grey
far away that form a kind of
pattern you sorta recognize.

The sun is starting to warm you up
and you realize you are hungry.
The Angry Flagman5/7/2020 7:21:09 pm
Well, I'm off to a good start. Either Manuel ate all my MRE's or I left them in the blue bag on the counter at the place where I keep my stuff.
The Angry Flagman5/8/2020 2:57:31 pm
I going to try some ice fishing.
fatribz5/9/2020 10:16:01 am
roll for fishing, please
The Angry Flagman5/9/2020 1:07:48 pm
I don't have any dice but I rolled a Rubiks cube across the floor and got a white side,
fatribz5/10/2020 11:57:20 am
excellent! i'll work on a draw as soon as I can for ice fishing. beware of what lurks in the waters though! hahahahahahaahaa! i said this place was devoid of signs of life.. but sign of DEATH?! knyuck knyuck knyuck