fish - by fatribz
- by fatribz - 5/15/2020 - 6:34:17 pm Time: 14 mins 2 secs
v1 - by fatribz - 5/15/2020 6:34:17 pm
Time: 12 mins 44 secs
fatribz5/15/2020 6:34:39 pm
this is on the line
v2 - by fatribz - 5/15/2020 6:36:10 pm
Time: 1 min 18 secs
fatribz5/15/2020 6:36:17 pm
and this!
fatribz5/15/2020 6:41:10 pm
the strange fish comforts you in a way you didn't realize was possible. you forgot all about that crazy oro forte in the hills. that "strong gold" your Mom wouldn't shut up about!

Then you realize this is no ordinary fish! It changes colors and turns into a sort of femur bone banana ice cream mouth clown jester!

smoothly, you slide the fish into your pocket and gain +1 meat forte.

well done, angry flag man, I can tell you have survived before and that you will again and again
The Angry Flagman5/17/2020 11:41:48 am
Yippie! With my new found bone banana fish clown jester I do feel a bit tingly. I want to follow the creek south and hope for a break in the ice to try panning for "ORO". It will give me an idea where the veins might be.