The 1980 to 1983 Technicolor CVC Format. - by Rene Gonzales
The 1980 to 1983 Technicolor CVC Format.
- by Rene Gonzales - 8/15/2020 - 7:01:54 pm Time: 39 mins 42 secs
v1- by Rene Gonzales - 8/15/2020 7:01:54 pm
Time: 39 mins 42 secs
Rene Gonzales8/15/2020 7:06:01 pm
Anyone remember using this vintage video
tape format back in the early 80s? Same
size as compact audio cassette. Same 240
scan lines of color video resolution of
a VHS tape. Single channel mono audio
only. Very Nostalgic stuff.
fatribz8/17/2020 9:06:48 am
yanbu8/17/2020 6:11:34 pm
that's awesome - I had no clue! been researching it - also, hot damn rene gonzales! it's been a couple years, helloooooo
Rene Gonzales8/18/2020 9:20:51 pm
Hello everyone. As of the past 4 years i have started collecting late 70s and early 80s vintage video media and machines. (portable Stereo microcassette audio, reel to reel audio, Sanyo Vcord II video, Quasar VX video, Betamax video, CED Selectavision video, VHD video, laserdisc video and CVC Microvideo cassette video. The CVC microvideo format is my favorite to collect. I was born in 1982 yet i trully value humanities history of home video technology.

Like i said before: We get older, wiser, balder, our hobbies change, our friends change, things come and go. Yet, 10eastern is still here. Nostalgia of the early 2000s internet. Before Facebook for goodness sakes. How rad is that.

Back in the early days of 10eastern i would use Internet Explorer browser on my Windows Xp Pentium 3 866MHZ (Overclocked to 1Ghz) desktop PC. I now use the Chrome browser with the add-on option on my Windows 8.1 notebook.

I really value 10eastern's consistency. All our drawings are still here, like a diary. To whoever moderates and maintains this site. Thank you for keeping something very special alive.
yanbu8/19/2020 6:40:24 am
that's super cool! I also have a huge interest in vintage technology of many sorts, especially audio related. I always wanted one of those pxl-2000 cameras that recorded on audio cassette. man I could go on and on about the weird audio devices I've collected over the years, I've thought about posting about some of them somewhere - need to do this at some point.

it's been super warming up my heart to see old friends coming back to draw here and chat! even though most of us have never met in person there's this fantastic memory of our creative output and individual voices here that sticks with me, just seeing a username can bring back a flood of memories and images and feelings :)
Shunt8/20/2020 10:40:22 am
@Rene: that era of the internet was the best. I have a fb account and it's convenient to keep in touch with people and spread news around my music activities but lately... Man what is happening?

An average facebook day consists of messages about mouth masks, racism, covid, Trump, child and animal molesting, fake news, discussions and accusations all around... Looks like it's forbidden to have a happy life

I miss IRC, MSN, Flash games, blogging.
Good thing indeed 10E is still alive and authentic!