Rahoul - by Shunt
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Shunt8/28/2021 4:45:05 am
Logo for my latest music project.
Current release is called "I Want To
Rave Again!"

The project name comes from some boys
at the children's pre/after-school
care where I work, they started
calling me Raoul, stretched, it sounds
like Raaa-Ooooooooll.
Thought it would be nice to adapt that
for my project :)


It would also be nice if the streams
would add up a little


And sales of course...
Shunt8/28/2021 4:45:52 am
And now with clicketyclackety links


It would also be nice if the streams
would add up a little


And sales of course...
fatribz9/15/2021 11:40:19 am
how do you make your stuff sound all clean and big and stuff like that?
Shunt9/16/2021 9:41:18 am
@fatribz thanks for the compliment!

I work really long on songs. They have to sound perfect. I use mastering on tracks seperately and mastering on the output.
I spend more time exploring plugins, for sounds as well as for effects. I play my songs over and over and over (on a neutral headphone) until I hear nothing anymore that annoys me. Also, I think that I am far more driven and motivated to work on things since I turned my life around
fatribz9/19/2021 3:15:20 pm
huh! coincidentally, just today I listened to a track I thought was pretty great, once on my phone and then in my wife's and my car to see how it sounded. during this time I noticed somethings that just sounded dumb (abrupt addition of instrument or change in song overall) and "annoying" frequencies, maybe too loud. I will go back and touch up the songs to make them more enjoyable.

to make it sound like you do though, does reverb have a lot to do with it?
Shunt9/22/2021 10:13:16 am
I like to use reverb a lot. But less than I have used before. It depends on the sound, on the number of layers. on the style of the tune, ... it can't sound too full either and the one effect isn't supposed to block the other.
Do you use sidechaning? This also does magic
Shunt9/22/2021 10:43:10 am
Shunt9/22/2021 10:43:19 am