µ - by Shunt
- by Shunt - 9/9/2021 - 1:00:22 pm Time: 9 mins 46 secs
collaborative drawing open to everybody
v1 - by Shunt - 9/9/2021 1:00:22 pm
Time: 3 mins 45 secs
v2 - by Shunt - 9/10/2021 8:27:14 am
Time: 3 mins 25 secs
Shunt9/10/2021 8:27:58 am
Mario! Gerald! Terrence! Dave! Steve!
Nick! Jake! Burt!
fatribz9/15/2021 11:04:26 am
Shunt9/22/2021 9:51:58 am
Cheerpj no mo worky on my pc
v3 - by Shunt - 9/22/2021 10:08:32 am
Time: 2 mins 36 secs
Shunt9/22/2021 10:08:43 am
Cheerpj wurkz again
gerold blankface1/24/2022 12:56:05 pm
Hmm. I had never heard of cheerpj. What browser do you use it with? I use Chrome as my primary browser and have rigged Internet Explorer for drawing here. I installed java (sun.java.com) and I don't let it update. I even set 10e as the default page when I open IE. This way Internet Explorer has TWO jobs: 1-Draw on 10e ..and... 2-Install Chrome