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marsillpost19/24/2021 12:46:45 am
variety recently ran a rundown predictions encompassing the whole display-biz realm; here are some of our additional prophecies precise to the track international. simply be gentle on us if it turns out they do find a manner to vaccinate the complete concert-going world in time for bonnaroo or if, one year from now, adele and rihanna are nonetheless conserving out on us.

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Shunt9/24/2021 10:32:00 am
Ermmm... I think you forgot the relative or interesting part, Marcel!
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Shunt9/27/2021 10:24:28 am
Hey Marsilman, I copy-pasted your uninteresting spam message, ran it through a text-to-speech generator and used it in my upcoming release. Thanks bro! And yes I DID! Phuc Ewe!
fatribz10/6/2021 12:30:31 pm

let's goooo!

i wanna make more sounds with you, Shunt

Shunt10/10/2021 1:51:41 am
Let's do that then Fatzi!

There's a new project boiling around here: Jason Laake

Me as producer and some friends as the dj-act
Heavy delicious techno yeaaaahhhhhhh

Check the latest livemix soundcloud.com/jasonlaakeofficial/jason-laake-excerpt-002-jl-liveset-october-2021

And then there's still the video I made for a tune which has had some airplay on Spanish and South-American (internet-) radio