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Shunt10/6/2023 10:16:03 am
...this music project where everyone
can submit parts...

Create a snippet of music (about 2
minutes) with a certain ending.
Provide a piece of sound which the
next contributor has to begin his part

make sure that the part you provide
fits seamlessly with the end of your
song, so you can play two successing
parts in a row.

The name of your file has to exist
from some certain words.

The next contributor creates a tune of
which its name starts with the last
word of the title from another tune.

This way multiple contributors can
interpret a following of your tune.

For instance, I create an illbient
tune named "Acid upholstery" and I
also provide a starting sample for
someone else to start their tune with.

Another one creates a tune called
"upholstery in a hut"
fatribz10/16/2023 12:43:07 pm
yessss sign me up
yanbu10/16/2023 1:27:27 pm
oh yeah I remember contributing some weirdness with you both some time ago! i'd be down for collabbing as well
fatribz10/17/2023 7:08:31 am
right! might as well pick up where we left off!@
v2 - by Shunt - 10/18/2023 1:40:03 pm
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Shunt10/18/2023 1:41:56 pm
I have the first part ready.
How is this done easiest?

I'd like to upload the track and the
pack of samples and maybe some page with
updates and tracking thing would be
convenient, see who contributed and who
did what and such
Shunt10/19/2023 3:10:58 am
Oh... I saw I had a Google Drive Directory set up for that!

I cleaned it up a little. The 2020 stuff is still there.

How it works:

* open the dir
* There's a red subdirectory "Recurring Samples" to which you can add short sounds you'd like to re-appear in other songs

* Blue directories are song directories carrying the name of the song

* Within the blue directory:
- has to be a sample subdirectory
- has to be the full song
- has to be part 1 of the song
- has to be part 2 of the song which HAS TO BE used in the very beginning of your addition

This way all works will be following seamlessly.

The name of your addition has to start with the last word of the title from the song you wish to follow up and has to have a second or third word which your follower has to use in the title of his work.

This way you can puzzle the tunes together.
Someone might start from the song you started from and create a new branch. Possibilities will be endless!!

Let's husker du this!
Shunt10/19/2023 3:16:34 am
For instance:

The song present is called "Issue With Zahne".

The next contributor creates a new tune STARTING WITH PART 2 of "issue With Zahne" and calls it
"Zahne Putzen ist toll" or something like that.

The next song has to be called "Toll ... (bla bla bla)" - it has to be cut into two parts, both parts and the whole song must be uploaded to a new dir called "Toll ... (bla bla bla)" along with a dir for the samples.

It would be great of we could take this out to the bigger audience
fatribz10/19/2023 6:35:50 am
yay, I still have that share link
and I do see what you say!
fatribz10/19/2023 6:54:09 am
hehehe I uploaded a recurring sample that was an AI voice clone of the lady at the end of "Issue With Zahne". sounds very much like the original, I must say!!@
fatribz10/19/2023 7:14:00 am
Shunt, can I go next in that case?

and spread the word? try to recruits friends?
Shunt10/19/2023 9:42:44 am
@Fatribz please do!

In fact anyone can join in at any time, that's what I meant with creating branches, every song can split into several twigs and branches.

Now it would be nice if this could be visualized in some way.

And yes, recruite people, if anyone is interested I can add them.

Would there be a way to do this on an own platform?
I contacted hubspot but that will cost some...

if it gets big my Google Drive won't be the perfect spot to store things I'm afraid

Maybe yanbu and I can combine forces with php stuff
Shunt10/19/2023 9:45:54 am
That AI sample is great!!!
fatribz10/20/2023 9:51:33 am
oh yea I gotcha! sounds like branching in git.
definitely would be cool to make a site to help us with this. I will give it a whirl
Shunt10/20/2023 3:15:53 pm
How is that voice cloning done?
fatribz10/21/2023 4:03:23 am
the voice clone was done on play.ht/ Shunt :)

I've uploaded a directory following your instructions and example. How'd I do?

I don't see what you mean about "blue directories", but there is a directory named "Zahne brauchen Fleisch" now.
Shunt10/21/2023 7:03:56 am
It's SUPERBE Fatribzy!!

Shunt10/21/2023 7:15:45 am
A blue directory is just the dir you add. You can give it a color. But in fact it's not necessary.

A red dir is a sample dir and the others aren't :)
Shunt10/21/2023 9:01:35 am
And I added a new part "Fleisch Means Meat"
v3 - by Shunt - 10/21/2023 2:15:18 pm
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Shunt11/2/2023 1:38:22 am
I created three parts to connect the old part 5 and part 6 and also one to connect the old songs to "Issue with Zähne".
Check the drive.

Now let's keep this alive please!
v4 - by Shunt - 11/2/2023 3:43:07 am
Time: 5 mins 56 secs
v5 - by Shunt - 11/2/2023 6:21:02 am
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