Untitled - by gerold blankface
- by gerold blankface - 4/30/2005 - 5:37:04 am
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Gerold Blankface4/30/2005 5:37:27 am
To get into the Guinness World Book of Records?

(oh man I have sunk to a new low)
Shunt4/30/2005 7:10:44 am
Heheh, possible, but in my drawing he looks somewhat sad
Gerold Blankface4/30/2005 7:29:02 am
There is only one other possible reason for a ruler in the bathroom... And judging by that's guy's face,... I'd say he's dissapointed in his recent 'growth'.
kix4/30/2005 11:14:54 am
nice the stick is cool
mic5/1/2005 12:14:46 am
hahaha, is this autoportrait?