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- by Al - 6/1/2005 - 4:16:13 pm
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Al6/1/2005 4:16:27 pm
yanbu6/1/2005 5:38:32 pm
this is great, i love the taco
mf6/1/2005 6:48:29 pm
hehe. big mac, tacos and mad dog!

i thought it funny when MD changed their look. tryin to be all classy
Al6/2/2005 1:51:50 am
This combination of crap could send someone to the emergency room.
Gerold Blankface6/2/2005 9:05:14 am
MAD DOG !!!!
YES !!!
i miss the wacky flavors of mad dog... Bana-strawberry, etc
ad6/2/2005 2:25:03 pm
This drawring is awesome. It made me drive to Taco Bell for one soft taco and a Mountain Dew.
tim6/2/2005 5:10:52 pm
I just noticed the main course was on a pizza platter, A+
Fubster6/2/2005 7:47:43 pm
MD 20/20 was the top overall pick on bumwine.com!
mez6/3/2005 5:02:09 am
all this time i thought that pizza was a plate!
Al6/3/2005 8:45:56 am
I drew the pizza kinda off balance, because of that premium wine I was drinking.
tim6/4/2005 5:52:36 am
my roomie and I just finished off a bottle of Thunderbird and Wild Irish Rose the other night. Thunderbird tastes like a cross between shitty wine and shitty beer
bill6/4/2005 2:05:59 pm
ohh man!!!!!!!
i haven't seen nor heard anything about thunderbird in soooo long!
some REALLY COOL black guy i used to hang out with that drank that shit. ewww, man thats bad stuff!